Development Updates

Hello all! Work on HitBox over the past two months has been all over the place. We’ve been to several events, we’ve been trying our best to get the networking to work nicely. However today I have some interesting things to show off. The stats and analytics system! There are two parts to this, an in-game… Read more »

Boxman Begins is now called Hitbox! This was a tough decision for us to make, but as we began the transition to a more competetive shooter, we thought the name should match a bit better. With this, we have a new trailer and website which you can see in action HERE! The game itself is… Read more »

What’s David been doing? It’s been a super busy few months but development continues and we have an important milestone to speak of. The multiplayer systems of HitBox are just nearly complete! Multiplayer Systems are done We still need to do some live testing, but all the features are in. This includes the multiplayer services such as… Read more »

Hello all! It’s been a while since we posted. Life has been super busy. We’ve been to events, had our website hacked, and experienced various challenges, but we’re still here and HitBox is getting better and better. So lets take a deep dive into the goings on in HitBox development. What has David been doing? Mechanical changes We’ve… Read more »

Tyler’s Week This last week was exactly what I planned on it being, I worked on finishing the map sound effects and AI pathfinding. They work pretty well, but have definite room for improvement. These will be continuously updated as time goes on as AI is a cool feature we want to embrace. Currently there… Read more »

David’s Week: I’ve spent this week working on split screen. It’s a feature I’m really excited about since not many games support split screen these days. HitBox is great when played with friends so we knew we wanted split screen support. We’re making sure it’s supported on PC’s, but we also intend to release HitBox on consoles at… Read more »

Tyler’s Week For the last week and a half, I have been working on a new map. It is not yet ready for its public unveiling, but I am able to talk about some map details. The map is called Facility, and it is essentially a destruction factory, it crushes, grinds, and incinerates anything that… Read more »

Tyler’s Week: We apologize about missing the last weekly update, the last two weeks have been busy, but more behind the scenes. After taking a few days off, we are both ready to get back into the swing of things. Currently I am focusing on map making, more specifically, creating new and interesting maps. These… Read more »

David’s Week: Hello all! So as per the code management stuff that happened last week the game has been split into two development branches, one is for the demo, and another for the main game. I’ve mostly been working on the demo branch this week, adding minor improvements, and tweaking various numbers. We want the… Read more »